Peace Exhibits and Peace Education

This INMP Webinar on Peace Exhibits and Peace Education featured the presentations below. These video presentations will be available for 60 days (until January 10, 2022) after the live discussion and Q&A session held on November 10, 2021.
Although a recording of the discussion and Q&A session is not available, you may post your comments and questions below.

1: Fredens Hus: A Place for Peace and Human Rights since 2006"

2: Roberta Bacic: Following in the Footsteps of the Disappeared

3 Ashley Woods - Making Peace and Other Peace Exhibitions

4 Mona Badamchizadeh - Education on Negative & Positive Peace at Teheran Peace Museum

5. Bartolf and Miething - Study War No More: Lyrics & Photos for Peace Education

6. Manuel Zuñiga -- Program of Peace, Human Rights and Non-Violent Movements